300 Prequel Gets A New Title

300 was a monster hit based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller.  The film was ass kicking fun and most people liked it.  It should probably be left alone but like everything now days in Hollywood, if it's successful they want more.  Frank Miller is currently working on Xerces, the prequel graphic novel to 300.  The film will have a different title though, 300: Battle For Artemisia.  Zach Snyder is still on as a producer but with him bust with Superman: The Man Of Steel the director reigns will be handed to either Noam Nurro or Juam Collet-Serra.  Who the hell are they you ask?  We asked the same question.  We will see how this turns out or if even sees the light of day.

By the way, we figured the Queen of Sparta was much better to look at than Xerces ugly mug.