The Holocron: The End Of Star Wars Galaxies

Welcome to the first edition  of The HolocronThe Holocron is a place to rant, review, or just talk about something cool in the genre that is science fiction, comic books, and more!  The first edition of The Holocron takes a look back at one of the most popular MMO's of the last ten years.

The End Of Star Wars Galaxies

    Star Wars Galaxies is the extremely popular massive multiplayer online universe from Lucasarts and Sony Online Entertainment.  I began playing SWG in August of 2003, just a month after launch and I played pretty solidly until mid- 2008.  I suffered through the combat changes and even through the NGE (New Game Enhancement) changes that dumbed the game down greatly.  At one point SWG was one of the best games ever assembled in it's prime just before the first combat change, and it was still an outstanding game after the change once you got use to it.  The game featured multiple Star Wars races, planets, weapons, creatures, and was litered with characters from the films throughout the universe for you to visit.  SWG was the Star Wars universe at your fingertips and it was incredible.  Many of us spent countless hours grinding our Teras Kasi, Smuggler, or Bounty Hunter, and then grinded some more to unlock our Jedi slot.  then there was the Jedi grind.  Yes at times the game was about grinding but it was also about community.  I met some great people through SWG that I am still in touch with today.  I ran a guild for four years that at one point was one of the largest and best Rebel guilds on the Tempest server not only by name but our reputation was outstanding as being some of the best players to play with.  Weather it was running dungeons such as the Genosian cave or just hanging out in the cantina's watching dancers and being goofy, there was always something fun to do in SWG and it was with great people too! 
     Sadly, SOE and Lucasarts have just announced that Star Wars Galaxies will be shutting down in December.  Perhaps it's because Star Wars The Old Republic is coming out and they don't think two Star Wars Online games can survive.  Or perhaps SWG has just ran it's course.  Either way I am sad about this.  It brought so many amazing game memories and experiences, and along with that came great friends.  I'm a Star Wars junkie, and when I was playing SWG, I got to live the Star Wars experience the best anyone could.  The game will be missed by many fans, and will be remembered also for the good and the bad.  It will be remembered for those late nights of playing with a group as we killed Rancors for XP points.  It will be remembered for in game "weddings" amongst friends.  It will be remembered for the smile you got on your face for the first time you ignited your lightsaber after earning Jedi.  It will be remembered for taking us to a galaxy far far away and giving us the experience of a lifetime.  Thank you Star Wars Galaxies for eight fantastic years.

Atreyu Montague, Tempest Server, R.A.I.D. Rebels Against Imperial Domination