More Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

By now you are well aware of the digital Yoda in The Phantom Menace, well now two more changes that have caught wind with fans on the upcoming Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray release have to do with the original trilogy.  In Return Of The Jedi, when The Emperor is torturing Luke as Vader looks on, Vader looks at both of them as he makes his fateful decision, well now he decides to cry out now as he throws The Emperor into the abyss.  Say what?  Yah it's true, it's a minor change but really unnecessary.  Watch the scene below, as well as the change made to Obi-Wan's scare tactic call to the Sand People in A New Hope. (Note: The Obi-Wan change is not confirmed yet)  All these changes but yet we still want Han to shoot first!