New Mortal Kombat Movie Is Koming

Mortal Kombat is still immensely popular over the years, and the original 1995 film really isn't as bad as people might think it is.  Well a new film is on the way hot off the extremely popular web series, Mortal Kombat Legacy..  Kevin Tancharoen, who directed the MK Legacy shorts, will direct the film and he's all ready talking about the brutality he feels the movie needs to have.  “Up to this point, we’ve only been talking ‘rated R,’” says Tancharoen. “I like realistic takes on things, I like it when it’s a little darker and grittier. And I want the martial arts to feel real as opposed to balletic and super-choreographed. It needs to feel brutal, because that’s the nature of the video game itself.”  No word yet as to when this will hit theaters, but you can bet teenage boys drooling for video game violence will show up.