Lead Roles Cast For 300 Follow Up

The follow-up to Zach Snyder's 300 is still moving forward and this week a bit of casting news was made.  Sullivan Stapleton has landed the lead male role, and it seems the lead female role has gone to Eva Green.  Green is known for being James Bond's leading lady in Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.  We would post a picture of Stapleton, but you would probably just look at her anyways.  Green has signed on to play Artemisia.   In actual history Artemisia was Xerxe's only female commander. She is best known in the history books for her strategical plans during The Battle of Salamis.  The film was originally going to be called 300: The Battle For Artemisia, but seems now the producers are going to use a different title. No word really on if this is still a prequel to 300 or a sequel, and no release date is set.  TMIAJ will keep you posted.