Michonne Cast In The Walking Dead

Last night's epic season finale of The Walking Dead featured a surprise cameo from a fan favorite from the comic book series, Michonne.  Actress Danai Gurira will be playing the role in season 3 of the show.  Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman also had this to say about Michonne to TV Line:  The introduction of Michonne was an incredible moment, but I’m curious: Why did you decide not to show her face? Was that just an issue of the role not having been cast yet?
     "We thought that it would be a little bit more mysterious. And, also, in the interest of keeping these things secret, the casting would’ve been announced right away. And because it is such a short scene, we didn’t cast an actress; we used a stand-in. And as far as her relationship with Andrea goes, she cut the head off of a zombie. She could easily stab Andrea next in the first minutes of Season 3, so who knows what that relationship will be like?" 
The Walking Dead returns to television in October