First Look At The Joker In The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 hits Blu-Ray and DVD on September 25th but so far news of Part 2 has been scarce.  The film is expected in early 2013 and now we have the first still featuring the look of The Joker in the film.  He will be voiced by Michael Emmerson of Lost fame.  The actor told TV Guide that, "He's one of those great villains that an actor like me likes to play because he has layers — he has a face for the world and a face for himself. He is, in a way, a villain who is a natural actor. All of that is that is delightful and confounding at the same time."  He went on to say that the role of The Joker is freeing because of the largeness of it. That he doesn't do anything part way, everything is cranked up to 11.   The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 also features actor Mark Valley as the voice of Superman as well as Peter Weller returning to voice Batman.