Heavy Metal The Live Action Series a.k.a Metal Hurlant

Metal Hurlant is the original French name of what many of us know as Heavy Metal Magazine.  The famous sci-fi serial magazine featured comic book stories of much more adult nature with various fantasy and sci-fi authors and illustrators.  It found a cult following and an animated feature film was released in 1981 that many of us saw on bootleg VHS tapes growing up because it was animation that featured naughty bits and lots of violence, which for then was very rare.  Now a television series is on the way.  It is close to release on France in November, with the U.K. shortly after.  No word on if or when this will come to the US.  It stars Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, and Kelly Brook.  A trailer is below as well as the shows poster to the left and some stills also, mostly featuring the mega hot Kelly Brook and her um, assets.  We don't think you will complain.