Retroplex Cinema: Swamp Thing (1982)

Welcome to a new edition of Retroplex Cinema.  This edition kicks off a 3-part series of sorts as we take a look at some comic book films that may have been forgotten and really shouldn't have.  We begin with 1982's Swamp Thing!
 Swamp Thing (1982)
Swamp Thing was released in 1982 and was from director Wes Craven.  Yes the same Wes Craven that would go on to make A Nightmare On Elm Street. Actor Ray Wise is scientist Alec Holland who becomes transformed into the monster Swamp Thing played by actor Dick Durock through laboratory sabotage orchestrated by the evil Anton Arcane, portrayed by actor Louis Jourdan. Later, he helps out a woman named Alice, actress Adrienne Barbeau, and battles the man responsible for it all, the ruthless Arcane. The film was based on the DC Comics character of the same name by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson.  The film received fairly decent reception from critics and is considered one of Craven's better early films.  The film went on to spawn a very bad sequel, a television series, and an animated series.  Talks of a reboot have surfaced recently but seem to have stalled.  Now that Swamp Thing has been reboote din comic book form in DC's new 52 then perhaps the talks will start up again!
Other Media
Swamp Thing is of course best known from DC Comics but besides the film, he also appeared in other media forms.  The film adaption did spawn a sequel titled Return Of Swamp Thing.  The film was badly received and  really isn't worth seeking out.  It didn't kill Swamp Thing on the screen however as a live action television series made it's debut on the USA Network in 1990.  There series lasted until 1993 and ran 72 episodes.  At one point it was even the highest rated show on the network!  An animated series was also spawned but only five episodes were ever made.  They aired late in 1990 and went into 1991 and a line of action figures was based on the show.  It was the only significant merchandising made for any of the Swamp Thing media at the time. The animated series, even though it lasted only five episodes, had a video game released based on it.  The game was available on the Nintendo Entertainment System as well as the Gameboy.
Will Swamp Thing Return To Cinemas?
There had been talk as recently as 2010 of a Swamp Thing reboot film.  The talk stalled and now it looks like Swamp Thing's best chance at a return to the screen is in Guillermo Del Toro's proposed Justice League Dark film. It has been stated that the story "bible" for film production is done, a writer was tentatively selected and would be announce shortly, and production would begin after Del Toro's next project, Crimson Peak.  The film's story would center around John Constantine as a lead -- promised to be the blond version -- and said to be recruiting Swamp Thing, Etrigan the Demon, Deadman, Spectre and Zatanna, to fight a past threat to the present day.  We shall see if Swamp Thing returns in Justice League Dark in a couple of years!

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