The Comic Shop Issue #1

Issue #1 - February 2014

The Comic Shop is a new monthly feature at TMIAJ where we will take a look at what you will find in your comic shop for the coming month, breaking news, or even a hot toy or Blu-Ray release related to comics!  Each "issue" will be archived on The Comic Shop Page with the main articles listed in the news feed each month!

Big Trouble In Little China Is Coming To Comic Books

BOOM Studios has recently dropped this teaser image onto their website and with the company looking to expand their licenced books in 2014, this image can only mean one thing - Jack Burton is coming to comic books!  Big Trouble In Little China is the cult classic film from the 1980's starring Kurt Russel which has been rumored to be coming to comic books over the years but never got off the launching pad.  It looks like BOOM Studios is ready to bring the further adventures of Jack Burton in comics form and we can't wait!  More news as we get details on this exciting news!

Marvel One-Shot All Hail The King On Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray

SPOILERS FOR IRON MAN 3: The twist on the story of The Mandarin took a lot of people by surprise in Iron Man 3, mostly being that The Mandarin was just an actor and not real at all.  Well if you liked the twist or not the character played by Ben Kingsley was popular enough that Marvel has given him his own one-shot short film and it can be found on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray release this week.  This follows up the other Marvel One-Shots, Item 47 and Agent Carter.  You can find Thor: The Dark World in stores now!

McFarlane Toys Brings Collectors A New Walking Dead Statue

Last year McFarlane Toys released their Michonne statue and later this year they have a brand new statue for release featuring Rick taking on a horde of zombies.  Finishing touches are still being done to it but expect details from McFarlane soon on how to get your hands on it!