The Comic Shop Special Report: Big Trouble In Little China Comes To Comics

Big Trouble In Little China is a favorite movie around here and finally after almost 30 years, we are getting further adventures of star Jack Burton.  We first reported in Issue #1 of The Comic Shop that BOOM Studios had picked up the rights to make comics based on the further adventures of Jack and now thanks to CBR, we have further details and the 4 covers for issue #1.  Eric Powell will write the series with art by Brian Churilla and the first issue is just around the corner due June 4th in stores. To further add to the excitement, director of the film John Carpenter is on board as a special consultant on the project.  CBR has an interview you can read in it's entirety here, but here are some highlights on the upcoming comic book based on Big Trouble In Little China.
CBR News: How did you both get involved with this comic? It seems like a perfect fit, but was it something you pitched to BOOM!, Eric, or something they talked to you about?
Eric Powell: BOOM! approached me. They very hesitantly approached me about it. It almost seemed as if there were feeling me out about it before they asked. I don't do a lot of work outside of my own projects, but it was one of those that I was like, "Uhm, Jack Burton? Yeah, I could write the shit out of him."
Eric, were the continued adventures of Jack Burton already kicking around in your head, or did they just start to take shape after the book was pitched to you?
Powell: I had a definite vibe that I wanted to go for when they approached me with it. I really wanted to focus on Jack and the Pork Chop Express. He's a trucker. He gets around. He's got some stories to tell.

Do you remember watching "Big Trouble In Little China" for the first time? What was the experience like?
Powell: It was in the mix of movies, like the "Road Warrior," "Conan the Barbarian" and "The Thing" that were in constant rotation on weekend video rentals when I was a kid. I watched it so many times that I can't really remember the first time. But I'm not sure there has been a year since it has come out that I haven't watched it.
Churilla: I think I was in junior high. I dunno. I was always a huge fan. All that early Carpenter stuff is genius.
A lot of people have similar experiences to that and are really excited about the comic. What can you tell us about the continuation of that story in the comics?
Powell: It takes place in 1986. No Jack Burton on the internet with a cel phone crap. Yes -- it takes place in 1986 and picks up from the very last shot of the film. The rest I'll leave a surprise.
John Carpenter has said several times that Jack Burton is actually the sidekick of the movie, for the most part. Is that an element you'll carry over into the comics or will he be more of a full-on hero?
Powell: Jack definitely has the lead role of the comic -- not sure I'd call him a hero.
Aside from Jack, what characters from the film will be showing up in this series?
Powell: Egg plays a major role. So does a character from the film that I think will surprise some people. We've also have a few new characters who pop up and aren't happy with ol' Jack.

You're also working with a third collaborator in "Big Trouble" creator John Carpenter. What was it like the first time you talked to John about this comic?
Powell: I was a little nervous, to be honest. I don't get star struck by people for the most part -- but "Escape From New York," "The Thing," "Halloween," "Starman" and so on -- he made some of my favorite movies that I grew up on. It was really awesome getting to discuss the book and characters with him in that first meeting. To say we were on the same page with what the book should be would be an understatement.