The Holocron Presents: The Saga Of The Hateful Eight

Just over a year ago I walked out of the theater having just watched Quentin Tarentino's latest moving picture titled Django Unchained. After watching what he did with Inglorious Basterds and a World War II story I was intrigued by his take on a Western, or as he called it “a southerner”. I grew up watching Clint Eastwood and Kirk Douglas when I was much younger, so my view of a Western was for the most part, the classic view of The Old West. Lonesome Dove, A Fistful of Dollars, and Tombstone. My young adult hood however, had my eyeballs filled with images from the director of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction amongst other things, so I had a good idea of what Django Unchained my behold. So what did I think? I thought it was absolutely fucking brilliant. Now I know it wasn't a movie for every one and that can be said about all of Q.T.'s films and that's okay. All I know is I loved it and couldn't wait to see what he would do next. There had been rumors of a “Dirty Dozen” style war film, a Kill Bill 3, or even the long rumored Vega Brothers flick. Instead Q.T. would announce that he was going to do another Western! He didn't say much for a few months but then the title came – The Hateful Eight. Right away I thought, so freakng cool. Then Q.T. gave his casting choices saying it was written for Bruce Dern, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kurt “Jack Burton” Russel! Holy shit this film will be amazing I thought. Q.T. The man who has revived genres, careers, and more could revive the Western genre with a second great Western film. The title and premise of the movie, along with who he wants to cast is worth the price of admission alone! By the way, what is the premise you ask of The Hateful Eight? It's simple but yet also complex in typical Q.T. fashion. The film takes place sometime after the Civil War in Wyoming during a massive Blizzard. The plot then centers around the going-ons of a stage coach that has been rerouted due to the storm and as you can imagine, things ensue. But the plot stops there because I don't want to spoil anymore for you. It sounds fantastic though in so many ways as only O.T. can bring it, but not all is well in Hollywoodland as we know and they have feelings too. Q.T. as it turns out, is a bit sensitive.

Q.T. decides to let six people read the script to The Hateful Eight. Three of those people were actors Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern. The other three were people Q.T. had worked with before. Somehow, someway the script for The Hateful Eight leaked out from one of the six people. Q.T. was furious because his feelings were hurt. He was betrayed. He wasn't going to make the movie now. Say what? Hold on Q.T., scripts leak out in Hollywood everyday. Get over it man and make the damn movie! Not that he cares what I think, but that's what I was thinking. Feeling disappointed that we would never see it, I moved on decided to read the script myself. Well I attempted but haven't finished it. It is 146 pages long after all. But what I have read of it, it's really really good. It was too bad really that the film will never get made but such is life. Or will it get made after all?

A couple of months have now gone by and Q.T. has calmed down it seems. He has told a few people that maybe he will make the movie after all. No confirmation of this of course, just Hollywood rumblings, but things were looking up. Then word got out that there would be a live reading of his original first draft of The Hateful Eight. Tickets were $150 dollars and anyone that spent the cash flow was invited. The cast for the reading would include Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins, James Remar, Zoe Bell, Amber Tamblyn, James Parks, Dana Gourrier, Denis Menochet, and Samuel L. Jackson. Wow, imagine being in that room for this event. The event was held and directed by Q.T. himself and in all the fuss and excitement of the evening, the director all but confirmed that he would still be making The Hateful Eight as his next picture. He said that the reading would be the only time anywhere the first draft would be presented and that the film version will be a bit different. Regardless, the movie will be made. It will be incredible and soon characters such as John Ruth, Daisy Domergue, Major Marquis Warren, Sweet Dave, Minnie, and Joe Gage will become staples in the Q.T. universe of filmdom.

If he stays true filming will begin later this year for release sometime in 2015. According to a person in the know, filming is now even expected to start this November with the cast from the script reading all on board.  how amazing would that be? The saga of Q.T. and his merry band of gifted actors will be bringing another take on The Old West to the big screen. He has even said he would film it in 70 mm Cinescope just like the classics of their time. How fucking rad is that? However he brings The Hateful Eight to the big screen, I will be in the theaters to experience it and most likely walk out grinning with satisfaction from one of our truly great directors. Let Q.T. and the saga of The Hateful Eight march on and into theaters sometime next year!

- Mark Neiser, Editor in Chief