Is Jason Momoa Aquaman In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice? (Updated)

The internet went into a frenzy this weekend that Game Of Thrones actor Jason Momoa had been cast as Aquaman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.  Warner ?Brothers has not officially confirmed this but all roads, or should we say oceans, look like the answer is definitely yes and we are all just waiting confirmation.  Or did Jason himself confirm it with the picture you see below that he posted to Instagram holding a trident awfully similar to one that the King Of The Seven Seas would use.  If it is true then it is likely Momoa would play him in the upcoming Justice League film as well and word has it that Aquaman isn't too happy after the events of Man Of steel.  The World Engine did some mighty damage to the Indian Ocean and Aquaman is a bit ticked off if the rumors of all this are to be true.  We should find out in the next several days and as for the plot of the film, we will find that out when Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters in 2016.

Update:  The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the deal is done and Jason Momoa will be Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the upcoming Justice League. Warner Brothers should make it official soon.