Comic-Con 2014: Fight Club 2 To Be Published By Dark Horse

Sometime last year writer Chuck Palahnuik said he was writing a sequel to Fight Club that he wanted to publish in comic book form.  Today we finally get that announcement.  Fight Club 2 will be coming to us in the form of a 10-issue maxiseries from Dark Horse Comics.  USA Today has the official press release: Chuck Palahniuk is breaking the first two rules of Fight Club: He’s talking about Fight Club.
     The author’s devotees probably won’t mind since what’s on his mind these days is more of the characters and world he created in his 1996 book, which was adapted three years later into directorDavid Fincher’s cult film starring Edward Norton andBrad Pitt.
     The story of an unnamed insomniac narrator, his violent id come to life in the form of Tyler Durden, and an underground society built on bare-knuckle brawls and anarchic ideas continues in Fight Club 2, a 10-issue Dark Horse Comics maxiseries illustrated by Cameron Stewart, debuting April 8, 2015.