Guardians Of The Galaxy Preview Footage Description & New Extended Trailer

TMIAJ was fortunate enough to attend one of the 17-minute preview screenings tonight of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.  The footage was presented in IMAX 3D and what we saw was quite good.  It began with an introduction from director James Gunn and when the footage kicks in we see the team in the now famous line-up scene we are all familiar with from the very first still of the film.  From there they are processed into a prison in which we find out that Gamora isn't liked by most people.  As the crowd gets rough Rocket and Groot (who steal the show for now at least) protect the group and they devise a plan to escape.  Insanity ensues and we are treated to the prison break sequence, which from the looks of things is when the group comes together.  From here a montage of footage is shown including glimpses of The Collector, Thanos, Ronan The Accuser, and Yondu all in brilliant IMAX 3D and quite breathtaking.  3D has been seen as a gimmick lately but the 3D in this footage was well used and makes us want to see it in the format.  A lot of people haven't been sold on GOTG so far but take our word for it, this is going to be one fun science fiction film!  Star-Lord is a wise cracking punk but the likeable kind.  Drax is one mean looking dude, Gamora is one bad ass assassin and Rocket and Groot are going to be so much fun in this.  The film hits August 1st and a new extended trailer has also been released which is comprised of the footage shown tonight!