The Comic Shop Issue #4

Issue #4 - August 2014

The Comic Shop is a new feature at TMIAJ where we will take a look at what you will find in your comic shop for the coming month, breaking news, or even a hot toy or Blu-Ray release related to comics!  Each "issue" will be archived on The Comic Shop Page with the main articles listed in the news feed each month!

 DC Comics Lego Month

The month of November is Lego month at DC Comics with the release of Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham to video game systems.  With that comes Lego variant covers for the month.  At right you can see the one for Batman & Robin #36 and Batgirl #36 below and also check out a list of which books will have the variants.

Action Comics #36
Aquaman #36
Batgirl #36
Batman #36
Batman & Robin #36
Batman/Superman #16
Catwoman #36
Detective Comics #36
Flash #36
Harley Quinn #12
Grayson #4
Green Lantern #36
Green Lantern Corps #36
JLU #6
Justice League #36
Justice League Dark #36
New Teen Titans #4
Sinestro #7
Supergirl #36
Superman #36
Superman/Wonder Woman #13
Wonder Woman #36

General Mills & DC Comics Give Monster Cereals  A Makeover

Geenral Mills has gone to DC Comics to help redesign their popular line of Monster Cereals for the upcoming Halloween season when you can find them in stores.  Jim Lee has redesigned Boo Berry, Dave Johnson has tackled Franken Berry, and Terry and Rachel Dawson have redesigned Count Chocula.  You will find these new looks in stores just in time for Halloween.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Wraps Production

Not a comics news story directly, but Avengers: Age Of Ultron has wrapped production and director Joss Whedon has released this photo as he moves forward to post-production on the film.  Avengers hits theaters next May!