So That Guardians Of The Galaxy After Credit's Scene....(Possible Spoiler)

As Guardians Of The Galaxy takes over theaters by storm this weekend and for good reason (the movie is awesome) a certain after credit's scene has gotten a lot of notice due to none other than (SPOILER ALERT) Howard The Duck making an appearance.  Marvel Comics owns Howard The Duck and was created at Marvel in the 1970's.  What does his cameo mean for the future of Howard The Duck in film?  Absolutely nothing, director James Gunn has already said he was just having a bit of fun, but perhaps this sudden Howard revival will at least see him return in the comic books.  Until then Howard The Duck fans, you still have that awful 1986 film.  And while you are at it watch this video below to check out all the other easter eggs in Guardians Of The Galaxy, in theaters now.