Goodnight Mr. Spock: Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

When I first heard this afternoon of the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy my first reaction was simply just a self silence. A reflection of a great actor that we brought into our living rooms and on movie screens.  I immediately thought for the first time ever a "celebrity" passing on felt personal.  This was Mr. Spock who had left us.  I had watched as the crew of the Enterprise searched for him on the Genesis planet.  I watched him mind meld with Captain Kirk.  Then I watched Spock Prime help the Enterprise defeat the Romulan threat after his entire planet was destroyed.  I went on these adventures with him and now he was gone. I was sad to hear the news and then I thought, should I write about it for the web.  I'm just a small time web site editor, writer, and blogger, what can I possibly say?  Well maybe that's why I am writing.  For us small people.  The geeks, nerds, and friends that all come together because we love science fiction and stuff that we geek out on.  I'm writing for us because Leonard Nimoy was the most human of us all and he made us "small" people feel at times that we were part of something greater as we went on adventures with him and the crew of the starship Enterprise across the farthest reaches of space.

My first exposure to Star Trek was of course like many of us through the films and television.  My Father, Grandfather, and Uncle were all huge fans.  I remember being young and seeing "The Wrath Of Khan", "The Search For Spock", and the other Star Trek films in theaters with my Dad.  We would watch Star Trek The Next Generation on television and I admit, I wasn't as big as a fan as my Dad was.  I was more of Star Wars guy but I would watch Star Trek as well.  It wasn't until years later that I got more of an appreciation for Star Trek and how important it was to the world of science fiction, and what it taught us about ourselves and our ever changing world.  Through it all Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, was the constant in it all.  Mr. Spock was my favorite character in all of Star Trek. I can't pinpoint why exactly.  Maybe I thought it was cool that he could Vulcan nerve pinch someone to put them to sleep!  I don't know if that was it but it's a simple as good as any reason.  Most of all perhaps because he felt like he could be a friend.  Something that was a central point to the world of Star Trek throughout it's longevity.  Soldiers, people, and most of all friends solving problems whether it be a green alien or the ruthless Khan.  His logic matched with Kirk's witty attitude made for one of the greatest on screen friendships that would last almost 50 years.  An on screen friendship that went off screen as well with William Shatner.  2016 will be the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise and it just seemed to get a little smaller without the presence of Leonard Nimoy to be there to help celebrate it. " I have been . . . and always shall be . . . your friend."  He felt like a friend to all of us.  May he live long and prosper in peace.

-- Mark Neiser,  EIC & founder of