We Got Ya Covered #7

Welcome to We Got Ya Covered!  A new weekly feature at TMIAJ showing off our favorite comic covers ever!  We would also like to have our readers submit their favorite and why!  Send them to trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Star Wars: Dark Empire #1 - December 1991

Star Wars.  Obviously it means alot at TMIAJ since our name is taken from the films series and in 2015 it's going to be a huge year for Star Wars with the new film looming over the horizon.  So what better way than this week's edition of We Got Ya Covered than to showcase the comic book that helped begin the resurgance of Star ?Wars in comics back in the early 90's.  Dark Horse's Star Wars: Dark Empire wasn't only a Star Wars comic, but a great comic with a powerful and exciting story that still holds up to this day.  This is the cover for the first issue of the series  and if you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and seek it out.  You will go to a galaxy far, far away and have a grea time doing so. - Mark Neiser, EIC & Creator of trustmeimajedi.com, Rebel Radio Host