We Got Ya Covered #18

Welcome to We Got Ya Covered!  A new weekly feature at TMIAJ showing off our favorite comic covers ever!  We would also like to have our readers submit their favorite and why!  Send them to trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Batman Movie Adaption Deluxe Edition - June 1989

There was a time when movie adaptions were a very popular thing to see in comic book shops.  Now we have comic book movies in theaters all the time, but back when Batman came out 26 years ago it was not as common so publishers would adapt the film into a comic in hopes of getting people into comic stores to read about the adventures they just saw on screen.  I've always liked this cover aadapting the 1989 Batman film and a year ago we talked about the film on Rebel Radio and Retroplex Cinema so I thought a year later it was a good choice for our cover of the week! - Mark Neiser, Rebel Radio Host