Time Capsule Thursdays - Alien Toys For Kids!

Welcome to a new feature on Trust Me I'm A Jedi.  Similar to Throwback Thursdays, we want to take you on a  trip through time to revisit a lost toy, movie poster, or some other oddball item that you might have forgotten or remember having in your childhood!  It's time to dig into the time capsule and have some fun!  Have something you want to see featured? Email us at trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Alien Movie Viewer 1979

When 20th Century Fox was getting Alien ready for theaters in 1979 they were also hoping to market the movie for merchandise....to children.  Little did they know how dark and violent the film would be for kids.  There was a small line of action figures that are still very sought after today because of their low production but an interesting item made is this Alien movie viewer.  Similar to a View-Master this was like a mini projector that the child could look through and see scenes from the film.  Or in the case of Alien have the living crap scared out of them when the Alien bursts through the chests of it's victim!  Quality entertainment in 1979 for kids!