The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 35 Now Playing - The Road to The Force Awakens Continues.....

The Road To The Force Awakens continues as Mark is joined by his Padawan's Matt The Electric Monkey and Frank T. biscuit as they gather to talk about the world that is Star Wars video games, collectibles and more.  We are gearing up for the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we step back to 1982 and begin the journey that is the history of Star Wars video games.  From the Star Wars arcade classic, to the Super Star Wars Trilogy, Shadows Of The Empire, The Force Unleashed, Battlefront and more.  What were our favorites and what memories do we have playing them?  What Star Wars video game would make a great movie?  We answer all these questions and more!
We then discuss the massive world that is Star Wars merchandising.  From action figures, to glasses, and the current craze of pop vinyls!  We talk about our favorite Star Wars toys growing up, our dream toys we'd love to own, and what are our most beloved items we still own today!
And it's not all Star Wars as we spend a few minutes with some thoughts on James bond's latest outing Spectre, and the latest on The Walking Dead.  The Road To the Force Awakens continues in this action figure packed episodes straight from the arcades of yesterday's!