The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 36 Now Playing!

The road to the Force Awakens continues onward as Mark, Frank, and Matt visit the expanded universe that is part of a larger galaxy far, far, away!  They talk about the earliest Star Wars expanded universe books and comics and then the "relaunch" of the galaxy when Dark Horse started publishing comics and Heir To The Empire hit store shelves.  They discuss their favorite expanded universe characters and the pre-Disney canon compared to the new canon.  The talk leads into Star Wars Rebels which is big part of that new canon and what they think of the show and how it fits in.
     You can't talk about the Star Wars expanded universe without talking about 1996's Shadows Of The Empire and they do just that and how it all fit in with things and decide that in their minds it's still part of canon even if Lucasfilm says it's not!
      The show wraps up with some talk about the latest happenings on The Walking Dead and AMC's new show Into The Badlands and their thoughts on it!  All this excitement that Jedi's shouldn't crave but we give it to you on this latest episode!