The Road To The Force Awakens Begins On The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 34 Now Playing!

     The road to Star Wars: The Force Awakens begins here!  Your host Mark is joined by Matt & Frank as the trio begin the road to the newest film in the Star Wars saga by first looking back at how we got here.  We discuss our first memories of seeing the original Star Wars and it's two sequels.  What were our favorite moments from those films and what did we think of the 1997 special editions, which was actually Matt's first exposure to Star Wars!
     We then discuss the prequels and our original thoughts in 1999 when The Phantom Menace hit theaters, what might have we done a little different on the prequels, and more   We end the show with a brief discussion of the latest Walking Dead going on's and we even get a kilt joke or two in.  And would you know Mark is sick as a dog while recording this entire episode but he's talking about what he loves, Star Wars!!