Ranking The Star Wars Saga

As the Road To The Force Awakens continues here at TMIAJ, we take a look back at the six films that have come before them as we rank the Star Wars saga from the worst to the best!  Listen to the latest episode of The Rebel Radio Podcast as we discuss our rankings of the films!
Written By The Rebel Radio Crew

For most people this is not only the best Star Wars film ever made but one of the best science fiction films or sequels ever made.  From the reveal of Darth Vader's true identity, meeting Yoda for the first time, to the capturing of Han Solo at the film's ending. and the spectacular opening battle on Hoth, the film truly takes us to a galaxy far, far away.  We are also introduced (minus his special edition appearance) to one of the most popular movie characters of all time with Boba Fett. The Empire Strikes Back is a remarkable film and easily our #1 Star Wars film of all time.

The film that started at all!  For some it will always be their favorite Star Wars film and their #1 choice.  It could have easily been ours.  We are introduced to the farm boy Luke Skywalker, the scoundrel Han Solo and his Wookie companion.  The beautiful Princess Leia and the evil Darth Vader.  And who can ever forget the film's opening shot!  And lightsabers!  Every kid instantly wanted one after this!  Plus you know you wanted to drive the Millennium Falcon after seeing the film! Star Wars has it all!

Return of the Jedi starts off by taking us into the seedy underworld of the galaxy and introduces us to Jabba the Hutt as our heroes arrive to engage in a dangerous rescue of Han Solo! We then watch as a Jedi Master fades into the Force and a young Jedi gets ready to face his destiny! The battle begins on Endor while Luke is tempted by the Emperor to turn to the dark side and take his father's place by his side! Luke instead holds strong and believes Vader can be redeemed while Han, Leia, and Lando lead an assault to destroy the new Death Star! The most action packed of the original trilogy and some peoples favorite and what we thought was the end of the story, until now when Episode VII arrives!

Immediately after the opening crawl we are greeted with instant space action! This is Star Wars! Improved acting and dialogue between  characters as well in this one and a true sense of brotherhood between Obi-Wan and Anakin to the point that their fight at the end is full of emotion.  We also have Order 66 which is heart breaking as the Jedi are picked off one by one, and when it ends you are left realizing there is hope on the horizon in the birth of the twins.  Not the best Star Wars film, but easily the best prequel film! 

In 1999 there was a Star Wars excitement not seen in some time.  Very similar to the level we have today with The Force Awakens.  Only problem is that after seeing Episode I it wasn't quite what people were expecting but still a fun Star Wars movie with some exciting moments.  The podrace, the duel of the fates, and some decent casting choices in Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Natalie Portman make The Phantom Menace rank just above Episode II for us.

Episode II while not a terrible film it is simply the least favorite Star Wars film for us at TMIAJ. Some video game style CGI, wooden acting from Hayden Christensen, and love story that felt like it was out of a bad soap opera made us cringe.  It did have it's moments though with seeing Yoda wield a lightsaber and the amazing Christopher Lee as Count Dooku.  Also Jango Fett was pretty bad ass as well.

So this is how we ranked the Star Wars films here at TMIAJ and The Rebel Radio Podcast crew.  Where will The Force Awakens fall?  We are just a few days away from finding out! 

The Rebel Radio Crews Picks:

1. Empire
2. Jedi
3. Star Wars
4. Sith
5. Phantom Menace
6. Clones

Matt (Yah We don;t get him either)
1. Empire
2. Sith
3. Jedi
4. Phantom Menace
5. Star Wars
6. Clones

1. Jedi
2. Empire
3. Star Wars
4. Sith
5. Clones
6. Phantom Menace