Episode 40 Of The Rebel Radio Podcast Gets 2016 Rolling!

It's the first episode of 2016 as Mark, Frank, and Matt "The Electric monkey" bring you the electric boogaloo of awakens.  The crew looks back on 2015 and how the year ranked for them and the discussion goes into the documentary Electric Boogaloo - The Story Of Cannon Films as they talk about the old Charlie Bronson, Chuck Norris, and other ridiculous films made by Cannon in the 1980's.  Want to know how much Sly Stallone made for making that silly arm wrestling movie Over The Top? We tell you because we watched the super cool documentary for you!
Then the road to The Force Awakens has led here as we finally go all in spoiler filled on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We break down our thoughts on the new characters, the returning characters, and some of the crazy theories that are out there about Rey, Snoke, Finn, Kylo Ren, and more!  There has been an awakening and we have it as Star Wars continues to take the world by storm!
We then take a brief look ahead to 2016 and what The Rebel RAdio Podcast hopes to bring you as well as the movies and television shows we are looking forward to.  It's a boogaloo of an episode but we promise that we don't allow Frank to break dance!