New Justice League Art Offers First Look At The Flash & Cyborg; Wonder Woman Logo Released

Tonight on The CW we get DC Films Presents: The Dawn Of The Justice League special at 8:30 cst.  Along with it comes some very cool art offering our first looks at Cyborg and The Flash to be played by Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller respectively.  Curious though the absence of Green Lantern.  Perhaps because he hasn't been cast yet?  The answer we are sure will come.  The special airs tonight taking a look at DC's new cinematic universe and along with the Justice League art we also get the official logo for Wonder Woman Justice League: Part One arrives in theaters in november 2017 with Wonder Woman arriving early Summer of 2017.


  1. All of the disparate plot threads are coming together for the fall finale. Two and a half out of four stolen worms,

  2. Love this superhero stuff and all the movies available now. my embroidery


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