Episode 41 Of The Rebel Radio Podcast Now Playing!

Join your host Mark and the crew of Matt "The Electric Monkey" and Frank T. Biscuit as they talk music in movies.  Before they get to that they discuss the Suicide Squad trailer and their thoughts on DC Film's bad guys movie! They also discuss the recently released Wonder Woman footage as they prepare or the DC Films Universe. 
They then jump into music in movies.  What songs from films are their favorites?  What are their favorite soundtracks?  What movie scores get them moving?  What songs do they sing in the shower?!!  They dive into the danger zone and discuss how everything they do they do for you as they attempt to save everyone of us with the best movie songs out there over the years.  Songs, soundtracks, theme songs, it's all here!
Then listen as we play some clips from soundtrack songs and see if Matt & Frank can guess the artist and movie it's  from.  It's good fun and goes about as well you can expect from the not so dynamic duo! 
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