Rebel Radio Classics Vol. 3 Now Playing

We take the time machine back to 2006 with a new volume of Rebel Radio Classics.  Rebel Radio started out 10 years ago as a streaming radio show on the net!  We now by popular demand bring you some of the classic audio from back then. 
    In this episode join Mark a.k.a DJ Trey, the Biscuit, and the Electric Monkey as they get juvenile and discuss the different types of farts.  Yes there are fart types and you can learn about them all!  It only gets better as we discuss different types of pee as well! It gets pretty silly and pretty wet but hey, who doesn't love good fart and piss humor!
    Before all that witness Matt "The Electric Monkey"'s first ever appearance on the show way back when as he comes on to talk about things as only he can!  This is his origin story folks!  Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Ed. Note:  Some audio is may not be of the best quality as this was recorded almost ten years ago on inferior equipment.  Also the names of some websites, shows, etc are no longer live or available.