The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 42 Is Now Available For Download

In this episode your host Mark is joined by the men known as Frank T. Biscuit and Matt The Electric Monkey as they bring you a clash of the titans!  We are talking super heroes and villains!  We discuss our 10 favorite super heroes and our 10 favorite bad guys that make our heroes go to work everyday!  Who is on top?  Batman? Spiderman? Lex Luthor? Thanos?  Or is it someone you haven't thought of yet off the complete deep end of outer space (like the guy Matt comes up with, what the f*^&?).  Listen and find out.

Matt and Frank also discuss the new Deadpool film and their thoughts on it yet.  Mark hasn't seen it yet but he wonders if it's as good as people say it is and was the R rating that worth it or could it have been PG-13?

They also discuss the latest trailers from Super Bowl 50 and their thoughts on the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer.  Then we play a version of a game from the original Rebel Radio called Square Off where Frank and Matt go toe to toe in a battle of wits as to who they think will win in battles between two heroes or villains.  Mark's son Mikey joins them in helping decide a winner!  It's an epic clash not to be missed!