We Got Ya Covered #58

Welcome to We Got Ya Covered!  A weekly feature at TMIAJ showing off our favorite comic covers ever!  We would also like to have our readers submit their favorite and why as well!  Send them to trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

We are proud to welcome our first of several guest to We Got Ya Covered over the next several weeks.  This week we have Bryan from the Bry-Fy Podcast.

Ms. Marvel #1 - February 2014

The first issue of the All New Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, pays homage to a 1996 Supergirl cover yet improves on the design.  It is empowering and the lightning bolt symbol is "striking" (pun totally intended).  Arguably one of the best takes on a Muslim super hero, when you are reading the All New Ms. Marvel you do not feel like you are reading about a Pakistani American character.  She feels familiar and relatable, much like Peter Parker when he first exploded onto the scene back in Amazing Fantasy #15.  The world feels lived in and is bursting with character.  Another great thing about the cover is you can line it up with your face to make it look like you are the new Ms. Marvel...which is a lot of fun!  Much like the book! - Bryan, Bry-Fy Podcast