Time Capsule Thursdays - Superman Movie Serials

Welcome to a new feature on Trust Me I'm A Jedi.  Similar to Throwback Thursdays, we want to take you on a  trip through time to revisit a lost toy, movie poster, or some other oddball item that you might have forgotten or remember having in your childhood!  It's time to dig into the time capsule and have some fun!  Have something you want to see featured? Email us at trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

 Superman Movie Serials - 1940s

Today we go to the movies and we watch trailers for coming attractions and ads trying to convince us to buy things.  But in the golden age of film they use to run exciting movie serials before the featured presentation.  They would feature pulp heroes, science fiction stories, cowboys, mobsters, and even super heroes.  Superman and Batman both had a movie serial with Superman's playing for many years in theaters in front of films.  Take a look at some moments from those as well as some erly Superman merchandise in today's Time Capsule Thursday.