Prince: 1958 - 2016

The world lost a legend today.  As we went on with our daily lives this morning the world over got the news that Prince Rogers Nelson had passed away at age 57.  Growing up around country music and then rock n' roll I can't say I was a Prince fan so to speak but I was familiar with who he was and what he did.  As the years went by and I learned to have a respect for all types of music I realized that this guy who was changing his name to a symbol was not just about the music, but also about fighting the establishment, fighting for his art, and staying true to his visions of what he was trying to do. Maybe I wasn't a fan of Prince but at the same time I was a fan.  He was a pop culture icon that became such a part of the world that everyone was a fan in some sense of the word.  Like other great performers you respected him, you might have been shocked by him or grinned at him but like any icon you always remembered him.  You know the songs, the movie roles, the outfits, and the amazing guitar playing.  Perhaps one of the greatest guitar players of all time.  His Super Bowl halftime performance was perhaps the greatest halftime show ever put on.  That night he showed the world his talent and if there was anyone who wasn't a fan, I'm sure they were after that.  Let's go crazy in remembering the legend that is Prince and remember him always with the great music he left us and a lifetime of memorable performances and making the world a little more revolutionary. - Mark, Rebel Radio Host; TMIAJ Creator