The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 58 Is Finally Here!

After a month off we are back with a brand new episode.  Mark and Matt are in the studio to catch up on the latest news and more!  Where is Biscuit?  Apparently he had no clean clothes and we were not about to allow him in studio in the buff!  No way!  So the dynamic duo of your host and the Electric Monkey discuss the Ghost In The Shell teasers, the tease of Deathstroke in Justice League and talk about the rumors of Jason Momoa as The Crow and more!  It turns into a sort of 2017 preview but not before we preview this Fall!
So yes we give you our Fall preview as we take a look at the upcoming seasons of The Flash, The Walking Dead, and more as we anxiously await answers like what did Barry Allen do to the universe?  And who did Negan kill?  We will all find out soon but we preview it here!  We also discuss the upcoming slate of Fall movies including Doctor Strange, Star Wars: Rogue One and more!  We also by accident give you a preview of our upcoming Star Wars centric podcast coming to the network!  All this on a clothing filled episode!