We Got Ya Covered #97

Welcome to We Got Ya Covered!  A weekly feature at TMIAJ showing off our favorite comic covers ever!  We would also like to have our readers submit their favorite and why as well!  Send them to trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Voltron #1 - 1985

Voltron has recently made a nostalgic comeback with a new animated series and rumors of a live action movie on it's way.  Voltron has also appeared in comic books several times over the years and this one is fondly remembered because as a kid I remember reading this 3-issue mini series over and over again as my own adventures of Voltron played out in my mind and with toys.  This was a very cool comic done by Modern Comics and you can find these for cheap in dump bins at shows! - Mark Neiser, EIC trustmeimajedi.com