25 Years Of Batman The Animated Series: Beware The Gray Ghost

Batman The Animated Series made it's debut in the Fall of 1992.  This year iss the 25th Anniversary of the shows debut and we plan to celebrate throughout the year.  We will look at some of our favorite episodes, along with memorabilia and fun stuff from the show's run.  Enjoy!

Staff Pick: Batman: The Animated Series Episode 18 
"Beware The Gray Ghost" November 5, 1992

We begin with a look at one of my all time favorite episodes of any television show anywhere, "Beware The Gray Ghost".  In this episode Batman teams up with his childhood hero to stop a mad bomber in Gotham City!  The Gray Ghost is voiced by the 1960's Batman Adam West and the adventure is one of intrigue, excitement, and most worthy of a fantastic Batman tale!

A young Bruce Wayne would watch his hero, The Gray Ghost, on television every week inspiring the imagination of the young boy.  I imagine that Bruce never missed an episode if he could help just as I never did when Batman: The Animated Series was on television.  In the episode he is watching a mad bomber is on the loose as the Gray Ghost goes after the villain.  In present day a mad bomber is on the loose in Gotham City as well mirroring what is happening on the show that the young Bruce is watching.  The young Wayne would fall asleep watching the television show but in the current day the Batman would recognize the sounds from the old "Mad Bomber" episode of his favorite show.  This leads the older Bruce Wayne on a quest to track down the actor who portrayed the Gray Ghost named Simon Trent to find out information on stopping the bomber!  At first Simon Trent is reluctant to help the Batman and just wants to be left alone.  He is down on his luck and the hero Bruce believed him to be is just a shell of what was once there.  Batman himself feels helpless in finding out the information he wanted as well as helping his hero out.  When another bomb goes off however Simon gives a video copy of the "Mad Bomber" episode to Batman to see if it will help!  Bruce grabs his popcorn and sits to watch the episode and find out how to stop the bad guy, he learns that remote controlled cars are sending the bombs to their targets and he must find out how to stop them and whose behind it all!

Batman then attempts to stop the latest threat but when a bomb almost gets the Caped Crusader, he saved by Trent at the last minute!  This leads Batman to bring The Gray Ghost to the Batcave where Trent recognizes the similarities to it and the lair of The Gray Ghost.  Batman manages to crack a smile and tells Trent that the resemblance was on purpose.  The duo then teams up to take out the Mad Bomber once and for all in a classic noir style thriller that sees Batman saving the day with the help of his childhood hero.  Simon Trent becomes a hero once again in the public eye and The Gray Ghost becomes popular once again allowing for a new generation who watch the television show through a video cassette release of it.  An exciting adventure and amongst the best episodes of Batman The Animated Series.

For me personally this is probably a top 3 episode in the series run.  I love the classic hero that young Bruce Wayne looked up to and the parallel of his story along with that of Batman and what he means to generations of fans like myself.  Adam West does an amazing job voicing The Gray Ghost and Kevin Conroy as always is on point in his voicing of Batman and Bruce Wayne.  It's a thrilling adventure that any Batman fan old and young alike will enjoy and superbly animated as majority of this fantastic series is!  "Beware The Gray Ghost" is among the very best that Batman: The Animated Series has to offer and why it was our choice to kick off our year long celebration of 25 years of the show. - Mark Neiser

The Gray Ghost would appear again in the comic series based on the show called Batman: Gotham Adventures & again in 2004 in the Batman Adventures comic.  A movie poster that says "The Ghost In Gray" appears in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight and The Gray Ghost also appears in the video game .Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.  The episode remains a fan favorite today and several pieces of merchandise have come from this episode!  We hope you enjoyed this look at this classic episode and there is more to come through out the year as we celebrate Batman: The animated Series 25th Anniversary.