Episode 65 Of The Rebel Radio Podcast Now Playing

In this episode we take a timewarp back to 1987 and tell you how awesome it was!  Well maybe not the year but the movies from 30 years ago were bad ass!  Robocop, Predator, The Monster Squad, and Lost Boys all hit theaters in 1987 and we talk about what a kick ass year it was for film!  We also talk what's going on at Warner Brothers and why they can't seem to get going the right way with their DC Film slate and is it to late to save the universe of films or not?!  We also discuss the fact that we won't be getting a Hellboy 3, Jay & Silent Bob are returning to movies soon, and Matt finally saw John Woo's classic The Killer!  In Download This we tell you what to download and in a new segment titled Face Off two of us battle it out for the right to be called a winner!  All this and more in this time warp of an episode!