The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 64 Is Here!

Frank wants to be a hipster!  Matt has to hide from his parents to have sex!  Did we mention he is married?  Mark is just Mark but yes it's all true and it's in this episode of the show!  But it's not all about ducking and running from your Dad who might catch you deep inside your wife or trimming that beard so you lok good in those skinny jeans because we also talk the usual movie news and discuss some of those Super Bowl movie trailers!
     We then talk Nintendo who aired a commercial during the big game!  We look back at our memories of Nintendo through the years and what some of our favorite games, characters, and overall thoughts on the legacy that is Nintendo!  All this and we are pretty sure porn is mentioned a few times on the show for some reason or another and we also tell you the latest cool things to download in the Download This segment of the show!