Check Out Speak No Evil From Gray Bear Comics

Hey there readers!  Do you like comic books?  Do you like comic books with a mix of science fiction, horror, and fantasy?  Then you will really dig Speak No Evil from creators Justin Corbett and George Tripsas of Gray Bear Comics.  It is a Lovecraftian tale of two brothers, Silas and Edwin who are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime in the 1930's!  The two young men have gotten by for a while by scamming and stealing their way.  That's all about to catch up to them after they have to go on the run and they discover a cabin in the woods that was once used by H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla for their strange experiments!  From there the adventure begins!
    In issue 1 we are introduced to the two brothers and brought into their world of thieving and scamming!  They steal a truck to go joy riding but end up with more than they bargained for as they end up falling into cold ice!  That's when they discover the cabin and from their things begin to get crazy!  We don't want to say to much because as the first issue does a lot to set up the future of the story it's still so much fun to read as it unfolds.  The art is done Samir Samao and is spectacularly drawn.  This guy is the real deal and brings a very cinematic but yet familiar comic book feel to the art.  The colors are by Chunlin Zhao and the vibrancy brings Samir's art to life!  The writing from creators Justin Corbett and George Tripsas is witty, snappy, and engaging as it keeps the story rolling at a quick fun pace.  As you read it you feel that Silas and Edwin are definitely brothers ans they pick on each other and cause each other grief just as brothers do.  The influences of Lovecraft and Tesla are evident in the story as much as it is a tale from their time.  As well as both writers love for horror movies such as The Evil Dead and more!  Issue 1 is a fun start to the story but it is just the beginning!
      Issue 2 begins right where the first left off as the brothers begin to explore the cabin and find what appears to be an experimental weapon of some sort left behind by inventors, scientist or who knows really as it has yet to be revealed to the reader!  But when the men who the brothers stole the car from arrive at the cabin, holy hell is unleashed as a strange  and wait, we are fixing to give the entire plot of issue two away!  Let's just say the shit gets fucking crazy and you have to read it to believe what happens next!  Again Samir's art is incredible as well as Chunlin's colors.  Justin and George continue their snappy and witty writing and the continuation of exploring the brothers relationship continues to be one of the most fun aspects of the book.  If you have sibling's you will totally get it!  Issue 2 ends with a great cliffhanger and we cannot wait to see what happens next!  When is issue 3 coming out?  That's where the guys at Gray Bear Comics need your help!  They are currently Kickstarting issue 3 and have some great incentive and rewards at different levels for you to choose from!  Do them a favor and visit so that you can get the first two issues if you haven't all ready.  They are available physically and digitally!  And make sure to visit the Kickstarter and support the 3rd issue if you can!  This is a fun story so far and one that will only get better!

Check Out Some Preview Art From The First Two Issues!