The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 66: Logan, The Wolverine Now Playing!

The Rebel Radio crew is in studio to discuss the new big screen adventure of the mega popular X-Man, Wolverine or in this case Logan.  We take a look at the film and tell you how good we think it was.  We also look back at Hugh Jackman and the last 17 years of him in the role of Wolverine.  What were his best moments?  How incredible was he?  Who will play Wolverine next?  We talk about all of this along with plenty of talk about the new film in theaters now!
We also discuss the latest trailers for Alien: Covenant, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and the Deadpool short film that aired in front of Logan.  Our new game called Face Off returns this episode and why did Mark dream about Matt?  It's not what you think!  All this and more in this episode!