Time Capsule Thursdays - Planet Of The Apes Books & Records

Welcome to a new feature on Trust Me I'm A Jedi.  Similar to Throwback Thursdays, we want to take you on a  trip through time to revisit a lost toy, movie poster, or some other oddball item that you might have forgotten or remember having in your childhood!  It's time to dig into the time capsule and have some fun!  Have something you want to see featured? Email us at trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Planet Of The Apes Book & Records - 1971

Before the days of Youtube, DVD, video games and other interactive toys kids had to use their imagination playing toys or have imagination brought to life to them in unique and wonderful ways. Comic books were already popular in 1971 and action figures were just starting out but an early form of "audio books" were books on record.  Yes those black vinyl discs that played music also had book audio.  In this case many comic books were brought to life with voice actors, sound effects and more to bring their comic book to life at home.  Many times the dialogue was taken from the movies if a movie adaption or by professional actors to bring the likes of Spider-Man and more alive on record!  The records would soon become cassettes and now today kids can listen to books on cd of course.  These are neat collectibles to own today and this Time Capsule we take a look at the ones based on the Planet Of The Apes series of films.  Produced by Power Records in association with Marvel Comics there were books based on four of the five Planet Of The Apes films.  Power Records also produced many other properties to record but we chose the Planet Of The Apes franchise as we get ready this summer for War For The Planet Of The Apes!