25 Years Of Batman: The Animated Series: The Lost Years Comic Book Series

Batman The Animated Series made it's debut in the Fall of 1992.  This year is the 25th Anniversary of the shows debut and we plan to celebrate throughout the year.  We will look at some of our favorite episodes, along with memorabilia and fun stuff from the show's run.  Enjoy!

The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years Mini-Series

Batman: The Animated Series spawned a lot of merchandise over it's run from toys, to food items,  to t-shirts,  and more.  This of course included comic books and there was The Batman Adventures that ran 36 issues in the mid-nineties that we will take a look at in a future edition.  But today we take a look at the mini series that spawned from it titled "The Lost Years".   The book tells the story that takes place during the time jump in the animated series.  That's right Batman: The Animated Series featured a time jump in the show when the Superman Animated Series began in which Dick Grayson had become Nightwing, Tim Drake is now Robin, and Batman knows Barbra Gordon is Batgirl.  In this comic book series we see all this transpire and the events that led up to it.  It was published in January 1998 and ran for five issues.  The series did take some of it's tale from stories that were told in the episode "Old Wounds" in which Dick Grayson leaves Gotham City, and the episode "Sins Of The Father" telling the story of Tim Drake's taking the mantle of Robin and Grayson returning to Gotham as Nightwing.  Overall the book is a fun read and fills in some of the gaps in the series.   Below check out the covers below for each issue of the series and a clip from one of the episodes the series tied in with as well!