Remnants Of The Rebellion Episode 8 Now Playing

It's time for a new episode of our Star Wars Podcast as we dig deep into the latest Star Wars news and a little bit of history from the Star Wars universe as we revisit the Clone Wars!  The world awaits the Star Wars Celebration convention where everyone expects us to get our first look at the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi with the film's first trailer.  What else can we expect from the convention?  We speculate and look at the future of Star Wars as we await to see what happens!
     We then discuss the animated series that was Star Wars: The Clone Wars!  Why was this cartoon so great in case you missed it and what were some of the great moments, characters, and ideas they explored in it?  Was Darth Maul coming back from teh dead a good thing for the universe and how was it handled?  These are some of the things we discuss in this peice of animated Star Wars history!  Enjoy and until the next episode May the Force Be With You!