Time Capsule Thursdays - Grindhouse: Planet Terror & Death Proof (2007)

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Grindhouse: Planet Terror & Death Proof (2007

 Back in 2007 directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez asked movie goers to revisit an era of film in which a double feature was shown featuring B-movie style cinema all in one sitting.  The idea of Grindhouse theater were movies maybe had a star or two in them but made on low budgets to play in midnight theaters and featuring over the top story lines, exploitation flicks, or other such bizarre story telling at the movies.  In this case Robert Rodriguez would be making an other worldly zombie like flick called Planet Terror!  It featured a girl with a gun for a leg for crying out loud!  On the other side Tarantino brought us an action thriller titled Death Proof featuring a mad stunt driver on the rampage!  The flicks played in theaters as one long back to back double feature complete with fake trailers made for the film.  One of the fake trailers for Machete was done by Robert Rodriguez himself who went on to make it as a complete film along with a sequel.  A second fake trailer also got a film titled Hobo With A Shotgun!  Ten years later Grindhouse is looked back on as a fun experiment by two film directors to pay homage to a time in the history of movies.  It was a fun time at the theater and has even spawned merchandise and more from the films!  Take a look at some of it and if you haven't seen the movies yourself make sure to check them out!