Universal Unveils Monster Plans For Dark Universe

The Universal Monsters are returning to theaters in a big way and it all kicks off in this summer's Tom Cruise starring film, The Mummy.  The classic characters first appeared in films back in the late 1930's and throughout the decades of the 1940's, 50's, and beyond.  Now Universal Studios hopes to bring these characters to new generations in a shared universe of films they will be calling Dark Universe.  The Mummy is the first film in this series starring Tom Cruise as soldier Nick Morton and Sofia Boutella who plays the title character of the film.  The film also stars Russel Crowe who plays Dr. Henry Jekyll whose organization, Prodigium will be the connection to all the films.  Their job is to track, study, and when needed destroy evil that has been embodied in the forms of monsters in our world.   Dark universe will continue on February 14, 2019 when Bride Of Frankenstein arrives in theaters and directed by Bill Condon who is coming off of directing the highly successful Beauty & The Beast.  The actress in the lead role of Bride Of Frankenstein will be announced soon.  Universal also announced that Johnny Depp will be playing The Invisible Man in a future film along with Javier Bardem as Frankenstein's monster.  Watch the video below as Universal takes a look back at these classic monsters and unveils the new logo for Dark Universe as well as a photo of the principal actors involved in this new shared universe of films.