Adam West: 1928 - 2017

The original Batman.  Maybe not the first man to put on the cape and cowl but for many of us Adam West is the original Batman because he is the one we grew up with.  Today we lost Adam West after a short battle with leukemia at age 88.  West is best known of course for bringing Batman to life in the campy 1966 television series.  It was his show that brought Batman into peoples homes and gave many young children their first super hero to look up to.  I'm not old enough for the original airings but I grew up watching Batman in syndication and catching the show with it's colorful villains, costumed dynamic duo, the incredible Batmobile, the gadgets, and of course the zap, pow, and boom!  Adam West's portrayal of Batmanis the reason that Batman is my favorite super hero today  and he will be sorely missed.  Today new generations are discovering the classic television show through re-runs, DVD, and from his work on several animated projects and more.  Adam West will forever live on in our hearts and through his work and until next time we see him on the same bat channel at the same bat time.  - Mark Neiser, Host Of The Rebel Radio Podcast, creator of Trust Me I'm A Jedi