John Wick Prequel TV Show In The Works

We know what you are thinking when you read this headline.....a John Wick television show?  No way it could be as cool or even work.  Well actually it just might.  Apparently it would be a prequel series to the John Wick films and be called The Continental.  If you have seen the films then you know that is the name of the series of hotels in which the assassins use as a sort of headquarters as they travel to do their business.  The world of John Wick is a small one that we have seen so far and grew even bigger with Chapter 2 and will likely grow even more when Chapter 3 comes out but envision a series that takes place before the films in which we really get to see the inner workings of the world in which the films take place.  The Continental wouldn't star Mr. Wick as the main character but would focus on other members of the group of assassins but Keanu Reeves might be willing to at least make an appearance at some point on the show.  How cool would that be if The Continental is focusing on a young assassin and the man, the myth, the legend was to walk into the room for just a moment and everyone knew who it was.  It would be as cool as the john Wick movies are all ready.  Count us in!