The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 75 Now Playing!

In this episode we dive into some of the history of Planet Of The Apes as we get ready for the new film War For The Planet Of The Apes!  What has makes this franchise stand the test of time as we look back on it!  We then swing into action as we talk our thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming as Spidey joins the MCU in his first solo outing in the universe!  

We then talk about cartoons we would like to see get a reboot such as why did they never make more Transformers Generation 1 cartoons ad more!To end the show we have the world premiere of a song made by our very own Matt "The Electric Monkey" has he tells the tale of Rebel Radio and Frank "The Leprechaun" Biscuit in this tune for the ages!  You don't want to miss it!  All this and more in this new episode of Rebel Radio!