The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 76 Now Playing

Comic-Con news! Porn! This episode has it all!  Not exactly porn on air so no worries you ears are safe but what the heck is on Mark's television while the show is being recorded!  Listen and find out as the crew is back as Mark is joined by Matt and Frank as we dive into all the trailers from this year's Comic-Con!  Justice League! Thor! Stranger Things! Ready Player One! And more!  We also build our own comic convention!  Who would we invite and what would we call it?  It will be tons of fun we can guarantee that!  We also tell you the latest things we have watched, streamed, or downloaded in Download This and Face Off makes it's return in not so glorious fashion.....and did you know that Jean Claude Van Damme was casts as the Predator in 1987 and even did some filming?  Yep it's true!  All this as well as a mini review of War For The Planet Of The Apes and more in this episode!