Time Capsule Thursdays: Masters Of The Universe 30th Anniversary (1987)

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Masters Of The Universe (1987)

The live action film based on Masters Of The universe turns 30 this week! We have covered the film in depth before in Retroplex Cinema but a look back at the film once more was warranted....or was it?  We can be honest and say that Masters Of The Universe isn't a very good film.  At the same time it has developed a nostalgia over the years for being a film that at least tried it's best to be a live action version of something based on a cartoon which was in turn based on a toy line.  Dolph Lundgren does his best He-Man and certainly looks the part.  Frank Langella pulls off a fantastic Skeletor and the scenes that re suppose to take place on Eternia look really good.  That's about it though!  The rest of the movie is a mess as it takes place mostly on Earth with several throw away villains added in.  We do get Evil Lynn and Beast-Man from the television show and they aren't bad versions of the characters but not the best either.  Considering the film was done on a modest $17 million dollar budget, the film did the best it could with what it had to work with.  Also take into account that people still weren't taking comic book or toy line movies very seriously back then.  For 30 years old though Masters Of The Universe has aged decently believe it or not and if you watch it for just a guilty pleasure film then you will still enjoy it.  A new film version is in the works for release in the next couple of years and maybe this time they will do the Masters Of The Universe justice with a proper screen version.  Until then we have the 1987 version to enjoy the best we can!